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Bonka Bird Box

Ziggy's Haven Bird Sanctuary Rescue Box

Ziggy's Haven Bird Sanctuary Rescue Box

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Rescue Box – Your Chance to Make a Difference!

Support Our Feathered Friends - Get 20% Off!

In the spirit of giving and support, we invite you to make a meaningful contribution to the well-being of rescued birds. Purchase your Rescue Box today and enjoy a 20% discount on the listed price. It's more than just a box; it's a beacon of hope for feathered souls in need.

Direct Impact with Direct Shipping

Each Rescue Box you buy will be shipped directly to the abovementioned aviary. By donating a Rescue Box, you are directly enhancing the lives of birds under the care of dedicated avian rescuers. This is an opportunity to deliver joy and essential supplies to these beautiful birds waiting for their forever homes.

Donation Flexibility - Every Bit Counts

You have the power to decide the extent of your generosity. Select the amount you wish to donate for the Rescue Box, and we will ensure that a corresponding quantity of products reaches the listed aviary. Your donation will translate into nourishing food, enriching toys, and bird care items.

Why Contribute to a Rescue Box?

  • Immediate Impact: Your donation makes an instant difference in the lives of rescued birds.
  • Tailored Contributions: You can donate as much as you wish; there is no small act of kindness.
  • Effortless Giving: With direct shipping, your donation reaches where it's needed without hassle.

Embrace the joy of giving and help us create a better world for our avian companions. Buy a Rescue Box today, save on your purchase, and bring happiness to a bird's life.

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