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Bonka Bird Box



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Make a Difference with Your Donation – Support Bird Rescues!

Join Our Monthly Mission to Help Rescued Birds

At Bonka Bird Toys, we're passionate about giving back to the avian community, and we invite you to participate in our heartfelt initiative. With every purchase you make, you have the option to add a donation of $15, $20, or $30, which we will total at the end of each month, and ship bird toys minus a 20% Discount forward to a random bird rescue at the end of each month.

How It Works:

  • Choose Your Contribution: At checkout, you can select a donation amount of $15, $20, or $30.
  • Monthly Donation Round-Up: We gather all customer donations made throughout the month.
  • Supporting Avian Welfare: At the end of each month, the collective donations are sent to a different bird rescue organization, spreading support to various groups dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of our feathered friends.

Your Impact: By contributing to our monthly donation program, you're not just buying bird toys or supplies—you're participating in a more significant movement to improve the lives of rescued birds. Your generosity helps provide:

  • Nourishing food and treats
  • Enriching toys and habitats
  • Medical care for sick and injured birds
  • Support for dedicated rescue staff and volunteers

Why Donate Through Bonka Bird Toys?

  • Easy and Hassle-Free: Your donation is made with your purchase—no extra steps required.
  • Transparent Giving: We ensure that your contributions reach deserving rescues.
  • A Community Effort: Join a like-minded community of bird lovers who are committed to making a positive impact.

Together, We Can Make Every Month a Celebration of Giving Don't miss this opportunity to contribute to a noble cause. With each donation, you'll be helping us to provide a lifeline to bird rescues that give countless birds a second chance at life and happiness.

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